Assistance with Visa Counseling

You get around two minutes in front of the Visa Officer. It is important that you should be well prepared and are able to answer questions timely and confidently. You should ensure that your visa file i.e. documentation is proper and projects the financial position of your sponsor properly, and you as a genuine visa applicant who wishes to study, work or tour in any country across the world. . It is also important that you plan early to apply for the visa.

If you want to ensure a flawless visa file documentation do not wish to take a chance, you could consider taking up the highly personalized Visa Counseling service from us.

Our visa counselors know the latest rules and regulations of various visas and it means that you are not taking a chance. We give Mock sessions to prepare you for the visa interview. The mock sessions by our counselors prepare you well and instill confidence and conviction in you- these are the ingredients mandatory to face the visa officer successfully.

It is to be noted that granting or rejection of the visa is at the sole discretion of the Visa Officer. Our experience states that if one is well prepared stands a very good chance of getting the visa.